TASCAM  DA20 DAT-recorder
TASCAM  DA20 DAT-recorder
Professional 44.1  kHz sampling frequency means no conversion of sample rate when transferring masters to CD.  48 kHz and 32 kHz are also supported. SCMS allows you to limit the number of digital copies from your  master (or can be bypassed). TOC (Table Of Contents) function and 60-character note-pad feature  allow you to store detailed track information on tape. High Speed Search - up to 300 times the speed of conventional  music search. Long play mode for up to 4 hours recording ( with R-120 tape). Frame accurate Q code feature allows accurate  digital transfer of start IDs - especially useful when recording samples from CD. High accuracy 1-bit A/D. D/A converter. Infra-red remote control. S/P-DIF digital interface.
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 482 x 132 x 379 mm
3u standard 19" rackmount.
 Weight : 7.8 kg
Sampling monitor function, AUTO ID detection level switching function, Error rate display function, Self diagnostic function. Signal processing, servo circuit, and audio circuit have all been refined and enhanced for  better performance.
300,- Euro